New MSPIFF (Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival)

Now we know where all of my free time for the next few weeks is going to go….

The 2010 Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival starts on Thursday, April 15th.  I’ve got my pass, and I’m ready to see a whole bunch of movies.

It looks like all films this year, like it was in 2009, will be shown at the St. Anthony Main Theater in southeast Minneapolis, across the Mississippi River from downtown Minneapolis and within sight and roar of the St. Anthony Falls.

I’ve got two tickets for the opening film, Max Manus.  I hope I’m able to twist Louise’s arm into going with me, both for “Max Manus” and for a few others.  Hopefully I’ll have a bit of time to write about this year’s festival.  I’d also like to write a thing or two about past MSPIFF festivals that I’ve attended: the first one was 2002, I believe.  It should be a good learning experience for using this new WordPress blog thingie.  Shiny new toys are always a fun distraction; I hope this toy is no different.

St Anthony Main Theatre