MSPIFF Friday 4/16: Finland and Argentina

Day 1 of 13.  I made it to the two films that I’d predicted yesterday:

  * “[Forbidden Fruit](” (Finland).  The Amish practice of going out into the secular world, as an adult, before committing yourself to the Amish way makes a lot of sense.  (The fact that I married a PK (Pastor's Kid) is neither here nor there.)  **Recommended**.  Showing again on the 20th.
  * “[The Wind Journeys](” (Argentina).  I'm puzzled by the relationship between the two main characters: master and student isn't it, though Fermin definitely wanted to study.  I liked the first half better, especially the accordion duel.  The second half ... lost me. The Star Tribune's 3.5 star rating was a bit high, I'm thinking.  **So-so**.  Showing again on the 18th.

There seem to be more volunteers in St. Anthony Main this year than last year.  They’re still a bit disorganized, but it’s Day 1, so we can cut them some slack.  Sooner or later, the “where to stand in line” stuff will be ironed out.  Hopefully the wrinkles with digital projector in Theater #1 will ironed out, too.