MSPIFF: Thursday 4/22: U.K.

Thursday was Day 7 of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival.  The blossoms on the crab apple trees were intolerably lovely, forcing me indoors to see movies instead.  Thursday got me to only one film, though.

  * [Skeletons](, U.K.  The MSPIFF volunteer who introduced [this film (link to MSPIFF)]( said that it had a history of being disliked by film critics and liked by fans of quirky films.  I'm definitely one of the latter, and I definitely loved this film.  How can two guys exorcise skeletons of peoples' pasts from closets and cupboards.  How do their detecting machines work?  Why do they identify their next client's house by sketch drawings alone?  Why the goggles?  How can all their equipment fit into their tiny briefcases?  It doesn't matter.  Leave the questions behind, and let the funny story of this Abbott & Costello pair unfold as they try to find a client's husband, missing for eight years.  **Highly recommended**.  Showing again on 4/25.