MSPIFF: Monday 4/26: Canada, Italy

Monday was Day 11 of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. Mom stayed with us for a few days, to catch up on the worst of jet lag before driving home on Tuesday.  Movies are a great cure for jet lag….

  * [Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould](, Canada.  I'd known a bit about Glenn Gould, but [this bio-pic (MSPIFF link)]( helped explain why he was such a sensation in his day.  His move away from live performances to the recording studio was amazingly prescient: he predicted over 30 years ago that people would be recording and mixing audio at home.  He thought it would be using equipment kits shipped to homes across North America.  Instead, it came in the form of personal computers.  **Highly recommended**.  Not showing again.
  * [The Sicilian Girl](, Italy.  Based on the true story of Rita Atria, a 17-year old young woman who has kept diaries for over five years of the Sicilian Mafia's activities in her village.  She turns the diaries over to the state's chief prosecutor to get revenge for the murder of her father and her brother.  In the end, she'll settle for justice.  This story does not have a happy ending, but it demonstrates the Mafia's corruption of Sicily in many ways that Franco used to keep Spain under his control.  (See "[Forever Waiting](" in an earlier blog posting.)  **Recommended**.  Not showing again.