MSPIFF: Tuesday 4/27: Canada, USA, and Best of Fest Schedule

Tuesday was Day 12 of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival. Mom left for home today, so I didn’t have a movie buddie today.

  * [Father and Guns](, Canada.  I was expecting a comedy, and I got one.  ["De père en flic" (MSPIFF link)]( is the highest-grossing French Canadian film.  What I didn't expect was the acting.  There are some serious, emotional moments throughout the film, and the film had my attention and everyone else's in the theater.  No giggles, no snide "yeah, right" comments.  And the funny bits were pretty damn funny. **Recommended**. Showing again on 4/29.
  * [Dear Lemon Lima,](, USA.  Coming of age genre, check.  Struggles with infatuation and heartbreak, check.  Outsiders and geeks, check.  Misfits hanging out in detention after school (Breakfast Club) the weightroom during [gym class (MSPIFF link)](, check.  "[Napoleon Dynamite](" meets "[Juno]("?  Well, without the pregnancy, maybe.  It was sweet, definitely quirky, and safe/no-bad-words-or-images for young families, if that's a worry.  **Recommended**.  Not showing again.

The “Best of Fest” schedule is now available for Saturday - Thursday, May 1-6.  I hope to catch “La Mission” and “The Athlete” and “The Boneman” and “North” during that week, oh oh, and “No More Smoke Signals”.  If you’re a documentary nut, these three are showing again during the Best and they’re all worth seeing (see my previous blob postings): “The Unreturned”, “Ghosts of the 7th Cavalry”, and “Pink Taxi”.