MSPIFF: Thursday 4/29: Italy, USA

Thursday was Day 14 of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, the last full day with 5 screens running.  It doesn’t seem like things have been running for two weeks now.  Louise was able to escape from grading long enough to dash to Punch for some tasty, tasty pizza and the first of these two films:

  * [I am Love](, Italy.  This film had got a 4-of-4 review from the Star Tribune, if I'm not mistaken.  Or perhaps word-of-mouth had spread from its early 4/25 showing?  Tickets were sold out.  Not even the power of my Gold Pass was entirely sufficient to get us two tickets: intervention by Fest co-organizer Ryan Oesterich, who happened to be standing next to the ticket counter when Louise and I were there, got us the second ticket.  Had we known that the film would start over half an hour late, we could have relaxed while eating pizza and beer over at Punch.  Oh well.  At least the Gold Pass superpower sprung us to the head of the line when seating finally did start.  Was the film [(MSPIFF link)]( good?  Yup.  Was it worth 4 stars?  Both of use thought 3.5 was more fitting for the acting and writing.  If the Strib critic was swayed by the cinematography, I could believe that.  **Recommended**.  Not showing again.
  * [TiMER](, USA.  This is no-phaser-battles, no rogue-computers, no blue-skinned or green-blooded aliens science fiction movie.  What if science could provide you with a timer that would ring the instant you first made eye contact with your one true love in all the world?  What if you got your TiMER at age 14, and it told you that you'd meet Mr. Right at age 42?  What if your TiMER was blank, meaning that Mr. Right hadn't purchased a TiMER yet?  How can you live without a guarantee of love?  I liked it enough to rate it **Highly Recommended**.  Not showing again, though hopefully this one will break through to wider distribution nationwide.

It looks like I won’t be going to any films on Friday, the last day of the fest.  Looking at the “Best of Fest” schedule for May 1-6, I think I’ll be returning for a few more films.  NOTE: “The Girl” from Sweden won the viewer’s balloting for best film at MSPIFF this year.  It’s showing on Saturday May/1 at 9:30pm.