Hibari Database Released Under Apache Public License v2

It was difficult to leave Gemini, a decision that I’d made back in May. I didn’t know if this day would arrive: would Gemini proceed with its plans to release the core of Hibari publicly? Once I was on the outside, I couldn’t see in again. Would there be another delay? Perhaps a change of business strategy?

It’s now official: Gemini Mobile Technologies has release the Hibari key-value distributed database into the wild.  It is released under the Apache Public License version 2.

The open source version is available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hibari/

In total, I’m glad that Gemini has stuck to the (revised) schedule and pushed this code out the front door.  Like almost all code, it has some warts and things that need more spit & polish.  But there’s a tremendous amount of good stuff in there also.  At least report (about a month ago), Hibari was storing over 800 million email messages in a custom Webmail system (also developed by Gemini … see this presentation for some details.)

I believe that Hibari is a good addition to the non-relational, non-traditional, distributed database ecosystem that has been evolving in the last ten or so years. The next ten years are going to be even more fun.  Welcome, Hibari!


P.S. As far as I know, the build & packaging probably only works cleanly on Linux boxes (Fedora and CentOS specifically but hopefully most other distros). The packaging that I’d done (before leaving Gemini) for MacOS and FreeBSD doesn’t appear to be included in this initial release.

For MacOS specifically, you’ll need to rename the “bom” script to “bom.sh” before executing it. Also, the “libtoolize” tool has been renamed “glibtoolize”. I created a simple 1-line Bourne/BASH shell script called “libtoolize” that simply uses “ exec glibtoolize $*” to execute the local version. And there’s a problem with compiling “start-stop-daemon.c”.  I expect that these OS/platform dependencies will be smoothed out over the next few weeks.