Hibari News: Presentations in Chicago and Tokyo

As mentioned in an earlier blog posting, I was in Chicago on August 25th to talk to the Chicago Erlang User Group about the Hibari key value store.  (Not the manga character or the announced-a-few-weeks-ago Twitter application by the same name.)

The slides for my Chicago presentation were in two pieces.  The first set is available via SlideShare.  The second are available from my home Web server.

  1. First half: Hibari -- [Key-Value store for big data](http://www.slideshare.net/geminimobile/hibari).  Note that these slides are actually newer than the ones that I showed in Chicago and include material that wasn't available to me in Chicago.
  2. Second half: [Hibari from a Developer's Point of View](http://www.snookles.com/scott/hibari/chicago-eug-aug2010/).

Carl Karsten made a great recording of two hours (!) of the meeting.  You can find the streaming video by following this link to blip.tv.

Also in the same week, Gemini Mobile Technologies was busy with presentations in forums in Tokyo.  The “Key-Value store for big data” link above was one.  The other was Software, WebMail, BigData; Powered by Erlang & Functional Programming.

Finally, the CEUG video recording was mentioned quite prominently over at HighScalability: see Hot Scalability Links For Sep 3, 2010. Very spiffy.