Been a while since I've written

Life has been busy.  Very good, but also busy.

Professionally, things at Basho are very good.  It’s a great bunch of smart, ego-firmly-in-check folks.  Basho sent me to the Erlang User Conference  in Stockholm a couple weeks ago to present my work on adding DTrace probes to the Erlang virtual machine.  Flying from Stockholm to San Francisco was a very long Sunday, but I managed to survive.  The meetings in San Francisco with my fellow Bashonians were great, as was a lunch with the old crowd at Gemini Mobile in Foster City.

I’m fighting a bad head cold at the moment.  That has made work on DTrace & Erlang stuff difficult this week.  (More on DTrace in a later posting.)

We’re quite looking forward to the Thanksgiving break next week, then travel to Salt Lake City the following weekend to visit our new niece Autumn as well as budding musician Thai and proud parents Victor and Carla.  And perhaps someday we’ll make plans for Christmas….